Monday, September 22, 2014

September My Creative Scrapbook tutorial

As seen last Friday on the My Creative Scrapbook Blog … 

Hello, My Creative Scrapbook fans!
 Sandi here with you today to share a Build a Page on one of my pages this month using the Limited Edition Kit. 

This was one of my favorite layouts although Primary colors are not my usual palette nor were they truly intended for this collection, I don't think.  Just goes to show you how versatile things can actually be! 

As I went through my Limited Edition Kit contents I was struck by this quote about Family and knew instantly that I had to use it as a page element .. as a whole. It speaks volumes, doesn't it?  Apparently I was not alone in thinking that as most of the designers used it. 

I was also really, really wanting to scrap this sweet photo of my twin grandsons, Bobby and Danny with their sweet blue umbrella and bright blue shirts that matched. The photo was taken by an older sibling, so not the best quality but I adore it! I tried converting my photo to b/w, sepia or even antique or other filters and it just wasn't quite the same. I really like the bright blue which is so unlike me. So, I had to cover that teal ribbon at the top of the page, color it, ignore it or something. Lots of people mix and match their blues but that's hard for me. 

So, problem solved! 

A little punch work and that makes it even better! I also re-printed my photos and made them smaller and printed 2 of them. Small is trendy, 2 is trendy. That works perfectly with Danny and Bobby being twins! 

After getting some idea where I wanted to place my photos and embellies, I did some stenciling with molding paster to the right lower corner. Prior to that I had primed with Clear Gesso. 

A little misting applied with a moist baby wipe and Prima's Bloom Spray in Cobalt.  I use baby wipes for both adding and subtracting color. 

Next, I added more depth and dimension with some of my favorite stamps. 

Then I started layering strips of paper and the back side of a note card (red polka dot) as well as the first flower and photo. I've used foam tape behind my photos for the sake of time .. goes a little faster.  I think I used 4 layers of tape on photo #1 and about about 8 layers on photo #2.  Crazy but fun! 

Onto another layer of flowers and photo #2 as well as some secondary embellishments. This kit is full of parts and pieces to add here and there.  

In the completed page, you can see that I've added some underlining beneath the word "family" and "wonderful" in the fabulous quote to really make the heart of the sentiment stand out. I tucked some Spanish Moss from my craft stash in under my flowers to coordinate with the bird theme from the bottom left. I little tweaking, gesso-ing and it was done!

 Something  a little different from me but I really like the outcome! And enjoyed finding a way around the color dilemma! 


  1. Gorgeous page, Sandi!! Thanks for the tutorial. I wouldn't have thought to punch over those lines, and it looks so fabulous!!
    ~ Blessings, Tracey

  2. Sooooooo gorgeous! LOVING the colors and the flowers!!!!!!

  3. Lovely layout, loved the step by steps! love that stencil too..

  4. Beautiful layout. Love the colors and that punched border. Great technique with the stencil, molding pasted and misting.

  5. I love this one ALOT Sandi! One of my favourite masks & I seem to be really drawn to blue these days too!