Friday, August 3, 2012

Sandi C's Scrap That! Tutorial for August

Hello there, scrappers! Here's the tutorial I have posted at Scrap That! today.

It's Sandi Clarkson here today with a super quick tutorial for Scrap That! Kit Club on wet distressing your patterned papers.  There are a number of ways to accomplish the same thing but this is the method I use most frequently. 

First, I use my chalk inks or distress inks to define and distress  the paper edges.  I really like the heavily distressed look, so I usually get a lot of ink on the paper. 

After doing that, I go ahead and start wetting my paper usually all the way around the page but sometimes I do random corners. Here, I've taken an old spray bottle and turned it in to a mini-mister. Sometimes, I will paint the water on the paper with a brush for a nice uniform coating. I have even gone so far as to run water from the kitchen sink over my paper. But the misting is what I do most frequently. 

Once the paper is moist, I begin folding the paper back towards me in a fan folded manner. I try to work gently to avoid unplanned tearing of the paper. However, if that happens, I accept that as a creative result and don't worry about it too much! 

Once the paper  is pulled back about like I want it to be, I then heat set the wrinkles with my heat gun. 
That way it stays in place nicely and you can continue working versus waiting for the paper to dry. 

Here was the end result of my page. You can see that I further bent and curled some of my edges with my fingers to complete the distressed look.

  I hope that you will give it a try and let me  know  how this works for you. 


  1. Great tutorial Sandi! I also have my water mister made from an empty hair spray pump bottle :)

  2. So amazing! I am LOVING how you did this!!!!!

  3. Gorgeous and thanks for the tutorial!!

  4. Love the result Sandi! great tut, thanks for sharing! xox

  5. Beautiful results, Sandi!! TFS!!

  6. Wonderful tutorial Sandi! Thanks for the tip about heat drying the misted edges :)