Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Exciting News! 7 Dots Studio GDT

Happy Wednesday, everyone! 

 7 Dots Studio announced their new Design Team this morning … and while I am not on the Design Team, I am over the moon excited to say that I will be Guest Designing for them in February, 2015! 
I still haven't quite absorbed the news! 

Here is the new Design Team for July-December 2014.

DT coordinator - Keren Tamir - Canada
Louise Nelson - Australia -
Riikka Kovasin - Finland
Frau Muller - Ukraine
Melenia Agapides - Greece
Sandi Smith - Canada
Elena Olinevich - Belarus
Irina Gerschuk - Russia
Elena Morgun - Russia
Anna Rogalska - Poland
Anna Komenda - Poland
Nadia Canizzo - Australia
Ebony van der Starre - Australia
Stephanie Papin - France
Tanya Dudkina - Ukraine -
Pascale D - France -
Tatyana Sidorenko - Belarus
Helen Tilbury - South Africa -
Marilyn Rivera - USA
DeeDee Catron - USA
Belladonna Poland

Guest Designers Team
Tara Orr - USA -
Dorota Dołęga – Poland/France -
Sylwia Gryczuk  (Tandi Art) - Poland/Ireland -
Maja Stokk - Sweden -
Daria Pneva - Russia –
Tanya Palamarczuk - Ukraine –
Solange Marquez - Brasil –
Sandi Clarkson - USA -
Anita Stokes - Australia -
Marta Lapkowska - Poland/Ireland -
Francine Westmoreland - United Kingdon - www.purple–
Wilma Voermans - Switzerland -
Karen Knight - Australia -
Lisa Gregory - USA -

Is that an amazing group of artists .. or what?? 
Congratulations to the new Design Team!! 

And thank you, Tusia, for giving me the opportunity to Guest Design for you and 7 Dots Studio!!


  1. CONGRATS on the GDT!!! That is awesome!!!!

  2. Wow there is a lot of talent in those ladies.. well done.. look forward to seeing what you get up to...

  3. Congratulations Sandi...that is awesome.

  4. Huge congrats!! Can't wait to see what you create!

  5. Sandi - Congratulations on being a guest designer! This seems like a good bunch of ladies! I love the layout...gorgeous!!!

  6. Congrats Sandi! Yay!! You will do great!!